Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We actually had a white christmas!! It snowed 3 inches on christmas eve which the kids had to have a snow ball fight in at 10:30 pm. You can't tell from these Christmas day pics that there was that much because it was so windy. It was the snowyest Christmas Dallas has ever seen since they started keeping weather stats in the 1800's. We were very much at home.

Here are some Christmas morning pictures Daven took with his new Digital Camera. Santa knew he would need it for College next year and then his mission. We have Dan with Brandon and Brandon's new mp3 player.
Ashton and his new bike.
Darren with the nerf double barrel shot gun
And Justin with his new BB and Pellet gun. Mikelle didn't get a pic from Daven because she got a boring sewing machine which she has completed her first project of PJ pants

Christmas morning. This was about 3:30 so it was still a little early for Darren.

New family Photo

We went to one of the local parks and took this picture in Dec. It wasn't even that cold. If you notice we all match with the ties and dresses. It was real fun to wear them the church and places.

Friday, November 6, 2009

We went to the Dallas Airport last night to see Mom and Dad on their layover to Argentina. Here is a picture at the airport. Also Mom loves to hear Ashton do his train whistle so we videoed this also. Enjoy!

Justin is working on his outdoorsman in Weblos and they went on a hike this week. He had a fun time but came back tired and muddy!

It was Davens last season game and Senior night. We got to escort Daven onto the field and they acknowledged every senior that was in football, cheerleading, band, drillteam, color guard, honor guard and more. We started 45 min before the game. Pic is not the best but i hope we can get a better one from other photographer.